jueves, 20 de septiembre de 2012

HTTP RSA Implementation

Hi, for this week we needed to implement the algorithm rsa in a web service, for the activity I choose php for WS.

The dinamic between server and user is the next:
  • The server has e and n, this keys are public.
  • The user has n and d, where d is the private key.
  • When a user open the page, server generate a x random number.
  • The user use this number for generate a response(r), the response is generate for a script, provided for the server.
  • Then the user put this r in the service and the server compare r with a num produced.
  • If this is correct the users are welcome, else the users are denied.
Important points:
  • For generate r (user), need two functions f(x)  &  fastmodexp(x, y, mod).
    • where in my case f(x) return (x*2)+5, this can be a other ecuation.
    • fasmodexp is f(x)**d mod n
      • d is the private key.
  • In the autentification for the server we need to implement the same f(x), but this help us  to compare, use fasmodexp(r, e, n), where r is the response of the user and e & n is the public key.

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You can check the program in the next link: ....

Php is a pussy,  in my case when I use a big numbers the autentification fail, but checking in python the autentification is correct.

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  1. Well, you get 10 as you are aware of the big-key problem.