jueves, 17 de mayo de 2012

BigData in the Medicine

I'm develop apps for iOS and Android systems. And my boss say that the money or the real apps be in the area of medicine, because need a multiple apps for each test, user, etc.
And y read a notice that big companies uses the BigData, generate by the area of medicine for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.

Actually the Multiple Sclerosis is very difficult to diagnose and very painful, because the user must do a biopsy and need a big computers to process this results, check the history of the user, need to wait 600-1000 testings, process others results, etc.

Some companies for example IBM, analyzes this results or testing and says that combining the multiples couples, exists millions of test to do, but using the BigData and processing in differents labs we can do  one thousand of test in sequence, reducing the time of waiting for the user.

And finally the BigData it's so helpful, this is one example, but the problem is that need a big computers increasing the costs and the BigData is so difficult to work.


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